Roland soccer team wins company tournament

Last Saturday, Roland won the KIG company soccer tournament. The team defeated company Genzyme in the finale and took the challenge cup home.

The KIG company soccer tournament was organised for the 32nd time, but Roland only participated for the first time. The Roland team, which was made up of employees of MI and DG, started rather difficultly and lost its first game after penalties. In the second match, the team set things right and won with 4-0. Roland won the third match as well and went through to the semi finals. The team played concentrated and won both games. In the finals, Roland defeated Genzyme thanks to goals of Kurt Van de Paar and Tibor Balog.

Ivan Vos, coach of the winning team, is pleased with the result: “We played very sportsmanlike. Off course, we had some very good players, but I think everyone did a good job. The atmosphere was also excellent; we celebrated the victory till late in the evening.”