Clients represent Roland DG at Belgian ‘Open Innovation Forum’

The Open Innovation Forum offers companies the possibility to share their experiences with managers, product developers, marketers and so on. The companies Zeefdrukkerij Vaneylen and Omega-Tronics will be present at the innovation show, which will take place December 8th in Genk (Belgium). Both companies will illustrate in which innovative way the Roland machine have changed their work.

Screen printer Vaneylen was one of the first in Belgium to buy a Roland VersaUV. The possibility to print a glossy layer and relief captured the imagination of general managers Steven Lehaen and Suzie Vaneylen. For them, the LEC-300 is the ideal machine to develop interesting new applications and to attract new customers. Vaneylen will show the possibilities of the LEC-300 at the Open Innovation Forum.

Omega-Tronics is specialized in the development of electronics. The company uses a Roland MDX-540 milling machine for the production of functional prototypes. At the show, business manager Philippe Aerts will show examples of these prototypes.

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