VersaWorks Dual: powerful new functions simplify your work

versaworks-dual-computer.jpgOur new RIP software, Roland VersaWorks Dual, contains all VersaWorks' handy functions and various new features that simplify your work. Moreover, the software is equipped with two “interpreters” for, on the one hand, Postscript and, on the other hand, PDF files. They ensure all special effects are always correctly printed. Layers, transparencies, drop shadows and blur need no longer worry you.

VersaWorks Dual is standard with all recently launched printers (currently EJ-640, LEF-300 and VG series). The software will also control future devices. The VersaWorks Dual interface is the same as your trusted VersaWorks software, but a number of powerful new functions have been added. Here is an overview.


Queue presets

Presets can be assigned to the queues in VersaWorks Dual. This is useful if a whole series of prints requires the same settings. You save all parameters once and save them in “Queue Properties”. Presets can be created per customer, per type of job and per media.

Click [Edit] > [Queue A/B Settings] for this. Use the icons in the top right-hand corner to save a series of parameters or to open saved settings and apply to images you will open later.


Rotate and mirror variable data

VersaWorks Dual allows you to rotate and mirror variable data such as images, text and figures. This can be done for all data in a column or file, or on cell level. This is handy if, for instance, you want to print a whole series of access passes and a number of photographs are upside down. These photographs can be rotated in the software.




Four new functions for users of the VersaUV LEF-300 have been added. Discover them here.


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