VersaWorks Dual: new features for LEF-300

The new Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP-software contains four new functions specifically developed for users of the VersaUV LEF-300.

- 90° and 270° rotation
- Maintain Clipped Position
- Special Colour Plate Generation
- Modification intensity of UV-lamp

90° and 270° rotation

Images can be rotated 90° or 270° in the software. And the spacing between the images can now be set in three ways:

- Grid spacing: was also already available in VersaWorks. You set the spacing of the left top corner of an image to the edge of the adjacent and underlying image.


- Equal X and Y spacing: you set an equal horizontal and vertical spacing between the pictures.


- Separate X and Y spacing: you set a separate horizontal and vertical spacing between the pictures.


Maintain Clipped Position

The “Maintain Clipped Position” function guarantees the accurate repositioning of cropped images. This is handy when you only want extras, such as varnish, to be added to a picture.

Select the “Maintain Clipped Position” box under [Clip and Tile]. Then select part of the picture on which you want to print varnish. The picture will not jump to the origin point, which means the varnish is applied to the correct part of the print (in the example: on the correct phone case).



Special Colour Plate Generation

The “Special Colour Plate Generation” function allows you to print white and varnish without defining it in your print file. This means you don't have to create special colours via a design software. You can do this directly in the RIP.

These colours can be added in three ways:

- Print Area: where CMYK-data is available
- Outside Print Area: where no CMYK-data is available
- Entire Image: under the entire image 


You can also adapt the density of the special colour, as well as the position and size so that, for instance, a white layer does not show under the picture.

It is important that you first indicate under [Quality] that you want to print White or Gloss. Otherwise the Special Colour Plate Generation function is not available.

Remarks: This function only works if no special colours have been processed in the vector data. It can only be used for PFDs consisting of one page and does not work for variable data.


Intensity of UV-lamp

The intensity of the UV-lamp can be changed. This only applies in specific situations to guarantee optimum drying of the ink. We recommend the necessary caution.


Read here which new functions are generally available in VersaWorks Dual.


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