Gloss and texture printing

Tips to print gloss and texture

Transparent ink gives your prints a special glossy or matt finish. These effects depend on the settings of the LED lamps in your printer. You can also use the transparent ink to print relief. Examples are crocodile skin, patterns and even Braille.

You can easily add these special effects to your prints thanks to the Roland DG colour library.

1. Creating three effects with transparent ink

Use the transparent ink to create three kinds of special effects:

  • A glossy finish
  • A matt finish
  • Embossing (several layers on top of each other)


You can add all these effects to your designs by using the colour RDG_GLOSS, which you find in the colour library named ‘Roland VersaWorks'. Import this library in your design programme and open it.

2. Adding a special effect

Select the design element (text or vector image) that you want to give a special effect and choose RDG_GLOSS as fill colour.E.g. if you want to add a glossy finish to a red flower, then you copy the flower in a new layer. Select the copy and choose RDG_GLOSS as fill colour.

3. Printing gloss, matt and embossing

You determine the look of the special effect in the Roland DG RIP software (VersaWorks). You determine in the software whether you are going to print gloss, matt or embossing.

To do:

  • Click on [Print] in your design programme and choose ‘RolandVW' as your printer.
  • Open VersaWorks and select your design. 
  • Go to [Job Settings] and click on [Quality].
  • In this tab, you choose the look of your special effect. Go to [Media Type] and select [Media Type]. Choose the special effect you like under [Mode]. You can choose between Gloss Varnish, Matt Varnish and Embossing.

When you want to print Embossing, you need to indicate how many layers you want to print on top of each other. The more layers, the more you can feel and see the structure. Select the number of layers at [Printer Controls] > [Overprint].

Texture printing

Roland DG offers you a library with textures that you can print with the transparent ink. The Roland Texture System Library has 72 patterns, including polka dots, squares and stars.

You import this library in the same way as other colour libraries and selecting a pattern is as easy as selecting a colour. To print the texture, it is best to choose Matt Varnish in VersaWorks. This creates the most beautiful effect. In case you want to create a thicker pattern, you select an overprint.

Special effect printing with the Roland DG UV printers

The transparent ink is available on the UV-machines from Roland DG.

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